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Refugee Conference 2016

International Refugee Conference 2016: The Struggle of Refugees – How to go on?
Date: 26. -28. February 2016
Place: Kampnagel (Hamburg)

The Conference aims to empower Refugees from Germany and beyond the Refugee Struggle. The group Lampedusa in Hamburg will push/support the network of refugees forward in a self organized conference, and will create the possibility to exchange about the current situation and laws in Germany and Europe. For 3 days, we will negotiate together mostly with refugees from different backgrounds, supporters and activists issues of asylum law, deportation, racist attacks, violence against women, children kidnapping and the separation of refugees for economic and war-reasons. Still, the most important reasons for escaping is colonialism, war and the ecological destruction in home countries. The conference will gather important voices for the fight of the refugees and will develop concrete suggestions for a better situation. Everybody is welcomed to be active: refugees, activists, people who are interested, from Hamburg, and other german and european cities to create a forum for inspiration and discussion that will build a room for actions.Come all! In solidarity!