This page summarizes the results and information from the Refugee Conference 2015 in Hannover.

Results of the Refugee Conference 2015

1.) Welcome
The nationwide Refugee Conference, that took place from 21.-23.08.2015 in Hannover, has been a full success:
More than 150 people from 17 different cities met for these 3 days. Refugees and supporters alike were able to exchange their views on different topics, discuss and develop new strategies.
One thing became clear once more: networking and solidarity, communication and information are the keys for a self-determined and self-organized live and the struggle against the racist conditions… this is – these days more than ever – very imporant.
We would very much appreciate every kind of Feedback!

2.) Reflection:
There have been a lot of changes in the asylum law this year: To keep the overview, we are going to call them change of asylum law(1),(2) and (3).
(1) is the one, that took effect on 1st of August, (2) is the one, that became effective on 24th of October 2015, (3) is the one, that was decided at the start of November.
This is important to know, because the new changes sometimes are reversing changes that have been decided before: One example: After change of asyl law (1) it was possible for people with subsidiary protection to plead for family reunion within 3 months after the decision about the case. By now change of asyl law (3) provides a 2 years pause in the family reunion for people with subsidiary protection.

For further information we recommend to read this:
Overview of the restrictions in the new asyl law(1):
Overview of the restrictions in the new asyl law(2):
Video on restrictions in the new asyl law:
Blog with (uncomplete) overview over refugee help organisations:

3.) Workshops:
We had 6 different workshops on saturday:
- Situation in home countries
- How to prevent a deportation (Osnabrück)
- Legal conditions of refugees in the context of the new asyl law (1) (Flüchtlingsrat)
- Legal situation: ask the lawyer
- Women´s Workshop
- General questions concerning work, living, family (kargah e.V. Refugee Bureau)
Please write a message to us, if you want a script from one of the workshops.

4.) Important texts/links
- Watch the Med – Alarmphone +Telefon
- 1./2. asyl law restriction:
Overview of the restrictions in the new asyl law(2):
Overview of the restrictions in the new asyl law(1):
In video:
Blog with (uncomplete) overview over refugee help organisations:
- Networks/Blogs:!/containers/das-willkommensnetz

Invitation for the Refugee Conference 2015

Refugee Conference 2015: 21st-23rd of August
Nationwide refugee-conference in Hannover

„Refugee Protest Camp Hannover“ in collaboration with „Lampedusa in Hamburg“, „Refugee Movement Berlin“ and „Refugee Bus Tour“ is inviting you:
Since 2012 self-organized refugee-protest has grown in Germany. Protest marches and protest camps, e.g. in Würzburg, Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover have shown, that refugees can bring their voice to the streets.

We want to invite you to come to Hannover,
- to come to know each other,
- to exchange experiences and possibilities of resistance against discriminating laws for asylum-seekers
- to discuss, how the fights for a live in freedom and dignity for all can be fought in the future.

Come to UJZ Korn, Kornstraße 28, 30167 Hannover,
from Friday, 21st – Sunday, 23rd of August 2015!

- Please support refugees in your area, who want to attend the conference, by spending the tickets or organizing a bus, if possible.
- Please let us know in a short mail, how many people are coming from your city, if possible until 14th of August.